Wedding Photography FAQ

Robert Evans Imagery is one of the top wedding photographers in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St Paul. We have over twenty-five years of experience photographing weddings and events.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… Photographs remember little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind

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How do you define your style

With over twenty-five plus years photographing weddings, we choose an organic approach capturing imagery of authentic moments throughout the day, combine with fun yet relaxed portraits, that keep the day moving along at a natural, yet unrushed pace. We collaborate and discuss with our clients on multiple occasions prior to the wedding day, so you know how the day will unfold, and know what exactly what to expect.

How should I choose my photographer

The first thing to understand is that the photographer’s eye is the same as a fingerprint, no two are the same. With that in mind, what makes a great wedding photographer isn’t always pretty pictures. How a photographer handles themselves on the wedding day, how they dress, how he/she listens, educates, and communicates with their couples. How one navigates throughout the day, dealing with change and a myriad of emotions, and personalities; all the while, being accretive enough to get the job done, polite enough people take notice, and at the same time, hardly notice them at all. These attributes combined with a creative eye, plus years of experience, is what makes a great wedding photographer. When photography is a priority, these are the traits to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

How many photographers will be at my wedding

A wedding with 50-200 guests will always have two photographers, the main photographer and a second shooter. Over 200 guests we will add an additional photographer so as not to miss any precious moments. We photograph a lot of unique weddings so we can always customize a coverage that works for you.

How you you handle travel and destination weddings

We have photogrphed over onehundred destination weddings all around the globe. When you bring us along for your destination wedding we photograph the whole weekend, all your parties and activities. We prefer to tell the whole story.

We handle all the travel details ourselves. We make all the arrangements so you don’t have too. Based out of Minneapolis, and Delta’s second largest hub, we can get ourselves anywhere in the world.

Do you need a shot list

With over one thousand wedding photographed we have a good idea of all the important images and details we need to photograph during your wedding day, however each couple is unique and we understand this is your first wedding so we want to know what images are important to you. We especially want to know what family groupings are important and of course any surprises you may have planned, special guests, or other details that we do not want to miss. Communication is key.

How do you handle family groups or formals

We believe group formals are simply a part of the wedding where you do not want to skimp, A wedding is rare opportunity when families get together, sometimes after long periods of time. We will discuss who you would like to include and how to make this time fun yet efficient, so everyone can move on to eating, drinking and dancing, and most importanly having fun.

How many images will we receive and how long until we see our wedding pictures

We don’t have a set number and it depends on the size of your wedding. If you have a two photographer coverage for 8-10 hours, you will end up with between 700-1000 images to choose from. We would rather give 500 great images than 2000 images you have to weed through to find the gems. We cull and process only the best images and the rest are deleted.

What happens to my wedding files after the wedding

After your wedding day over there is still another eight to ten hours’ worth of work to be done on your images before we present them to you. Out first rule is shoot it right the first time, then we process to enhance our in camera skills with professional photographic software. Once this work is complete we back up your files and begin uploading your wedding images for you, your family, and friends to view.

The images we produce often are published in magazines and online so we only deliver the best of the best, at the highest quality.

How long after my wedding will I get to see images

You will be able to view your wedding images within two three weeks following your wedding. We always try to send a few of our favorites within the first week so you can share on your social networks if you choose. You will be able to view and order reprints of your images three ways, in the comfort of your home on your flatscreen television, via AppleTV, on your desktop computer, and on all your mobile devices and tablets.

Why should we get a wedding album

Digital images die a slow death on hard drives, wedding albums bring life to coffee tables, and spark conversations in your home. The experience of flipping through a wedding album together with family and your future children, is as important as the wedding day itself. There is something timeless about a wedding album. It’s a visual record of the birth of your new family, a history and home for the cherished memories for one of the most important days in your life. So much money, time, and effort go into making your wedding day perfect, a wedding album is the ideal way to preserve this once in a lifetime event forever.

How far in advance should I secure my photographer

Don't let your grandmother find out you didn't hire Robert Evans Imagery...

Of course as wedding photographers and we believe photography and video are two most important vendors you should secure early on in your wedding planning process. Once you have booked your venue, photography and video should be the next step if you are as passionate about beautuful imagery as much as us. We can book up eighteen months in advance, however we have been available in as little as three months prior to a wedding date in the past. The best thing to do is contact us and check availability as soon as you have a wedding date and a location set.

Photography is super important to us, but one of us isn’t comfortabe in front of the camera

We love couples who value great imagery and that attitude alone, produces great photographs. We like to focus more on the moments happening throughout the day rather than posing people all day long. An engagement session is a perfect opportunity to get comfortable before your wedding day. You learn your good angles and we help you find them, along with the experience of spending time with your photographer, makes all the difference on the wedding day because you have a good idea of what to expect.

What happens if it rains

If it rains, we make Lemonade of course. Rain is a great opportunity to create amazing images which are not possible otherwise. Your wedding images will have umbrellas, and water drops on windows, and great big smiles of you both dancing in the rain together, which adds character and joy to your wedding pictures.

What if something happens to my wedding photographer

Once committed our photographers will be there! There are no ifs, why’s and buts. However, if something tragic occurs we would have one of our other studio photographers fill in. We are also very connected in the photography world, so we have you covered.