Social Media and Marketing Video

Robert Evans Productions is a Minneapolis-St. Paul video production company. We create video content for social media and marketing your business on the web. Social media video is the number one marketing tool for your companies social footprint and for use on your website. Social media videos and video content for your website, conveys your message faster and more effectively than any other marketing tool today. Social media video is the quickest way to drive customers to your website and instantly let people know exactly what you do.

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Brand Story Video

Video gives your company a personality.

Our Brand Story videos add a voice and personality to your company’s website We help you produce and create a two to three-minute story about your business to enhance your website and help your company stand out in a sea of one-dimensional text only websites.

Video on your website is a distinct advantage. Don't wait for your competition to beat you to it.


Video FAQ's are 30-60 second videos that visually answer your customers most frequently asked questions and establish a new level of customer service. Using video to visually address your customers most asked questions, gives you a distinct advantage over your completion and helps your company and brand flourish.

How to Videos

How to videos are a great way to show your customers or employees, how to use your products and serevices.

Don't let some guy on Youtube teach your customers how to use your product. Why not have a video resource for your customers created by the company who made the product.

Social Media Shorts & Clips

Social Media clips are 15-30 second videos created for all your social media messages and marketing campaigns. Video gets your customers attention and drives them your website and into your stores.