Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul Wedding And Event Video

Robert Evans Imagery video services can be booked together with photography or independently for video only, to capture your wedding day. Save when both wedding video and wedding photography, are booked together.

The benefit when hiring Robert Evans Imagery to capture both video and photography for your wedding day is that we work together, one in mind, one team; not two separate companies with different ideas and work ethics. When your wedding day is captured by Robert Evans Imagery, we combined and share your wedding images and video. We use your wedding images in your final video to enhance the creative and emotional impact of your final wedding video montage.

Robert EvansĀ andĀ Nate Anderson, the studios lead artists, collaborate on the wedding day, considering how the images and video footage captured will tell your unique story in your final edit; Giving your wedding video a greater impact and emotion.

Another stand out, is the quality of our audio. Every story starts with crisp sound, including vows, toasts and other ambient sound throughout your wedding day. We use this audio help to set the mood of your montage story. Pulling from our seventeen plus years in network television, we capture clear professional audio throughout the day, which is then used in the final edit, great audio allows your video to bring you back to that exact moment in time.

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